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Endometriosis - Diagnosis and Medical Management

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Endometriosis is a major cause of infertility in Ghana. Endometriosis is a common but poorly understood and extremely crippling condition that affects females. Endometriosis occurs when normal endometrial tissue (tissue inside the womb), is abnormally carried to places outside the womb.

The growth of these tissues in the abnormal locations(pelvic, abdomen and chest) cause symptoms around the time of a woman’s menstrual period. These symptoms include heavy and irregular menstrual bleeding, severe pelvic and lower abdominal pain, back pain, severe deep pelvic pain during sexual intercourse, abdominal bloating, nausea and vomiting, pain during urination and frequent urination

Endometriosis should always be considered in women with chronic pelvic and lower abdominal pain and painful menstrual cycles that do not respond to standard pain killers or birth control pills. One out of every 3 female afflicted with endometriosis has difficulty becoming pregnant or may be rendered infertile. 15 % of the females who present with severe pelvic pain are found to have endometriosis. This incidence rises sharply in the patients whose pelvic pain is most intense in the days preceding and during the menstrual cycle.

Endometriosis is an under diagnosed, under reported condition which becomes progressively worse as it goes undetected. The psychological impact of the severe chronic pelvic pain is made worse by the negative impact of the disease on fertility if left undetected and untreated.

The physicians at NOVA Surgery Center are experts in diagnosing and managing endometriosis.The key to management is early diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent the disabling symptoms and to preserve fertility. We focus on early diagnosis of endometriosis and treat it aggressively with medical and surgical intervention.

The gold standard for making the diagnosis of endometriosis is Laproscopy. NOVA Surgery Center is a center of excellence for Laproscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery and our physicians provide world class service for the management of endometriosis.

We focus on early diagnosis of endometriosis and treat it aggressively with medical and surgical intervention

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