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Nova Surgery Center

Dedicated to Woman's Health & Wellness

Home FAQ

Do you have physicians on-site?

Yes. A board-certified Healthcare provider is on-site at all times during working hours and is available on call after hours.

What conditions do you treat?

Nova Surgery Center was one of  the first free-standing outpatient surgery centers in West Africa. It was created with the vision of becoming a center of excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic surgery in the sub-region. Patient experience of our best practices has created a demand for broader services. We have expanded our services to include:

. Gynecology – General Women’s Health

. Preventative Medicine – Males and Females

. Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgical Procedures/ Techniques

. Diagnostic Radiology/ Scans

. Laboratory Services

. Pharmacy

. Private Ambulance Service

. Executive physicals

To learn more about what conditions Nova Surgery Center treats, visit our SERVICES page

Can I use NSC as my Preventive Health/Primary Care Center?

Yes. Nova Surgery Center provides a full-range of preventive and primary care services for males and females over seven years of age. We encourage patients to get annual physical exams

To learn more about our primary care services, please visit our “Services” section on our website.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. We prefer to see patients by appointment at Nova Surgery Center. You may book an appointment by calling +233-302-751-290

between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday

Is Nova Surgery Center Accredited?

Yes. Nova Surgery Center is accredited by The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency of Ghana.

Does NSC participate with organization/companies for events or awareness programs?

If you are interested in having Nova Surgery Center participate with your organization for an event, please call  +233 266 707 609 between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday

What should I bring with me to my visit?

We recommend bringing the following items with you when visiting Nova Surgery Center:

. A photo Identification card

. Proof of insurance, including an insurance card or a copy of plan details.

. Payment for self-pay patients via cash, mobile money or credit card.

. List of medications, allergies and past medical and surgical hstory.

. Any relevant forms that need to be filled out during the visit such as excuse from work, return to work/school or insurance forms.

. Any pertinent recent medical reports such as laboratory and scan results.

I would like to see a specific Healthcare provider.

When you call for an appointment you can specify the physician you want to see.

How can I get my medical records?

Nova Surgery Center strives to create accurate records of the care we provide, in a timely fashion. Once created, these records become the patient’s private property. As such we only release the information with documented expressed consent of the patient. You may request your full medical records in one of 3 ways:

. In Person – You may call our central line and make an appointment to come in with a current Photo identification card.

. By Mail or Fax – You may fill out our AUTHORIZATION FOR RELEASE OF INFORMATION FORM available on our website and submit it to us, Attention: Medical Records Department

. By Phone – You may call us between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday and speak to a representative.

Insurance, Billing and Payment

What information should I have available when I call Nova Surgery Center about my bill?

We are always here to help you understand your bill. You should be prepared to provide:

. The name of the patient

. The name of the person who accepts financial responsibility for the bill (Guarantor)

.The account number shown on your bill

. The date the service was received

. You should also have your insurance card available in case we need the name of the insurance   company, your policy number, or other information exactly as displayed on the card.

I have a bill from Nova Surgery Center that should have been paid by my insurance company.

What is going on??

Nova Surgery Center routinely bills insurance companies within 48 hours of the date of service. If the insurer does not respond within 60 days from the billing date, we send a copy of the bill to the patient/guarantor. Please review the bill. If the bill was sent to the wrong insurer or there is any error that may need correction to effect payment by your insurance, please provide the correct information. We will be glad to resubmit your claim.

What is the Nova Surgery Center payment policy?

We expect payment when services are rendered unless you have insurance in which case we will bill your insurance company. In some cases, payment plans are also accepted

Do you take Insurance?

Nova Surgery Center accepts select group of private health insurance plans and will file claims on your behalf for the services we provide.

How much does a visit cost?

How much you pay for your visit will depend on the type of visit, the tests done and medications prescribed at that visit. If you do not have insurance, or have an insurance we do not currently participate in, Nova Surgery Center offers an economical self-pay program. Please call our accounts office for more information.

To request for appointment by phone call



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